ALLAY LAMP | Maui Monkeypod Base

ALLAY LAMP | Maui Monkeypod Base


Dimensions: ~6" L x ~6" W x ~2.75" H


Allay Lamps are one of the newest additions to the JOHI Home lineup. Made in small batches of 5 to 10, each lamp features a diffusing layer made of tinted EcoPoxy resin and wood shavings. In this pairing, curly Cedar wood shavings float in a frosty tint. The lamp base comes from a Monkeypod tree grown in Hāna, Maui. Each one is individually cut for a truly one of a kind lighting piece.


The bright LED light is neatly embedded in the base and is linked with an external dimmer, allowing you to dial in the perfect amount of light for any setting. Similar to oil diffusers, the Allay Lamp plugs into the wall for longevity of use with an LED light lifetime rated for over 36,000 hours. It is polished, playful and versatile: your mood lighting, event decor, and fam favorite night light.

  • Tech Specs

    12V LED Light 

    3000K soft white color temperature 

    Lifetime rated for greater than 36,000 hrs 

    Includes dimmer switch and power adapter



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