• Raja

Jo-What? Hi-Who?

Raja: Holly, I have a confession. ... ... I left the window open from the garage. The couch is covered in sawdust.

Holly: I think there are splinters in my clothes.

Raja: Okay. Time to upgrade the shop space.

JOHI (jo-hee) – Johi was the next step in our creative endeavors. After working out of the garage for several months we wanted to grow our brand and vision. To do that we took a hard look at what Johi means to us.

1. Use design to bring us closer to the people and places we call home.

2. Connect with our hands, our cultures, and our communities.

3. Make it last. #buylessjunk

There is a lot we want to do. There is a lot we plan to make. There's a lot left to share.

Stay tuned to the blog & instagram @hellojohi .

شكراً & Mahalo

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