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Care: Kuahiwi Handplanes

The kuahiwi handplane has been designed to see action in all kinds of waves. All that salt, sand and sun can quickly work to destroy your new favorite wave catching machine if you don't take care of it. Here are our top 5 suggestions to keep it it looking and running smooth.

1. Always rinse your hand plane with fresh water after a surf. Salt eats everything in its path.

2. Don’t keep it in the bag soaking wet.

3. Your hand plane has three-four coats of spar urethane, often used on boat decking, then 2 coats of paste wax. If you notice the finish rubbing away in spots, it may be time for a new coat of wax. A small can of extra wax has been supplied with your handplane. I use Minwax Furniture Finishing Wax which can be purchased at any home store. Any paste wax will do.

4. The strap is adjustable. Undo the neoprene velcro to adjust as necessary, then wrap it back up. Neoprene tears easily, so be gentle when making adjustments.

5. Some people like to use a leash. Big surf can rip the hand-lane out of your hand. They float, but it might be a good idea on big days. These can be found wherever you buy fins. No one has ever lost a handplane for good.

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