ORDERS & Shipping 


Collection Furniture, In Stock: 

We periodically have collection pieces in stock at Johi or on display at a local gallery. You can always contact us to view a piece that you see here online. When purchasing directly from Johi, allow 1-2 weeks for finishing and delivery/pickup.

Collection & Custom Furniture, Made to Order:

Whether you are ordering from the collection or interested in a custom piece(s), there is generally a 1 - 2 month wait time before we can begin fabricating your individual piece here on Maui. Once started, fabrication for an individual piece can range from 2-4 weeks. Pickup & Delivery times vary based on needs. We can arrange to deliver through another party if needed (on- and off-island). See our Shipping Policy below. 


DEPOSIT, Collection Furniture

For Collection pieces, we require a 50% refundable deposit from final quote to ensure your spot on our fabrication wait list. We will always talk with you to confirm creative details and timing, allowing you to decide on any customization to the design and materials before your project materials are purchased. Customizing a collection piece, often through material and finishing choices, is a great way to impart your personal taste on a beautiful and long-lasting addition to your home. 

PROCESS & DEPOSIT, Custom Furniture

Custom orders have a phased process of (1) Initial Consultation, (2) Proposal, (3) Design, and (4) Fabrication. This ensures we can have a comfortable start to our working relationship. Once you accept a project proposal, we will require a deposit which varies per custom order.

Home Decor & Wooden Surf Products:

From date of order, allow 1-3 business days for order processing and shipping, pickup, or delivery date.

See Shipping Policy below. 

Interested in Wholesale? Contact us

Home Decor Availability

Home Decor items are often available on an in stock basis because they are made from re-purposed wood remaining from our furniture fabrication process.


Shipping from the islands can be a bit tricky. For most of our small products, USPS flat rate works out the be the most affordable option. That said, we will always do our best to find you the best shipping available, given your price and timing needs. Shipping costs for furniture will be calculated as part of your order request.​

Pickup & Delivery, Maui residents & visitors:

Free pickup available. Delivery available only for Maui residents (fee varies by product).



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