Bodysurfing Handplane

The Kuahiwi is all business. Made of vaccuum formed bamboo & birch veneer, it features a single deep bottom concave from tip to toe keeping it light, lively, and fun in waves of all sizes. Velcro and neoprene make for a comfortable, durable, and adjustable strap. If you plan on spending a lot of time in the water, this is the way to do it.

Each Kuahiwi comes with a patterned bag to keep it safe & snug. Perfect for trips near & far, we like to keep ours stashed in the truck to use anytime.


Bamboo and birch make for a light, but very strong product. 

Each handplane is meticulously sanded and finished with marine grade spar urethane and wax, for

a lifetime in the water.

Premium Materials

A velcro strap allows you to fine tune the fit  of your handplane, while the neoprene sleeve ensures comfort. 



Each Kuahiwi comes with a snazzy carrying 

bag to better protect it from the elements (sewn by Raja himself!).

Stylish carrying Bag

Kuahiwi Handplane | Bamboo + Dyed Birch Middle




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