Hibal Coffee Table

Hibal ties together techniques and materials from around the world to produce a simple & elegant coffee table that suits just about any home.

Starts at $2,160
W24.4" x L49.5" x H17.5"
Mahogany or Walnut
(natural & ebonized) 
fiber rush or Danish Cord


An all mahogany/walnut frame ensures the table can endure the abuse of any home, but still be light enough to move around with ease. 


The fiber rush/ Danish Cord weave is a a strong natural paper like material that can hold up for years and easily be re-woven if ever needed. 


An ancient all natural technique for dying wood is to mix rust and vinegar. When applied to the mahogany is sends the tanin in the wood a rich black color. 


Every piece is custom made in our Hali'maile studio. Currently, there is about a 1 month lead time before we can begin working on your piece. During this time we will reach out to you to finalize material and design choices.

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