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We approach every custom request with a discovery, design, and fabrication process. You may have a near complete vision, or simply a function in mind. No matter the details worked out, we will meet you where you are at.

Here are a few key tips about our approach, before you explore more details:

  1. While our mastery is fine woodwork and design, we enjoy working with mixed materials as well!

  2. You are a part of the process. Constructive feedback is important from the start, which sets the tone for a smooth build and delivery.

  3. We can dream, but budgets define scope. The more transparent we can both be, the better. Most of our standalone custom projects land in the budget range of $3,000 to $8,000 (design + fabrication). The exact number varies dependent on a number of factors. Payment plans are available upon request, and we can easily set up a schedule to fit your needs.

Select Highlights, 2018 - 2020

  • Lānai Daybed 

  • Kūlua Studio Partition Wall

  • Molokaʻi Standing Desks

  • Waimānalo Desk

  • Ohana-Dining-100.jpg

    ʻOhana Dining Table

  • IMG_20200815_192036.jpg

    Upcountry Pine

    Barn Door


Every order for custom furniture deserves adequate time for creative development. Though specific steps and timing can vary from project to project, we always begin by exploring design directions through sketch.


Once you choose your preferred direction, the process becomes a more collaborative back and forth, ensuring your concerns and ideas are taken into account. We ask for your honest voice and feedback. After all, this is your custom piece! 

To complete the design portion, we create a detailed CAD drawing, accompanied by fabrication quote.

With a detailed CAD drawing in hand, the fabrication becomes relatively straight forward. The best part of custom work is that nothing is set too deep in stone. I will always circle back to you before applying any paints or finishes in case there is a last minute change of heart.  

We take great pride in our work and will not rush to unreasonable deadlines if it means compromising our quality. We intend for our pieces to last a lifetime, or two.

Reach Out!

Start the process with a free consultation.

We will schedule a time to chat about the project you have in mind.

Whether we meet by phone, video conference, or in person, bring with you any inspiration and dimensions you are able to share for our conversation.

This meeting will set the stage for our

two part proposal.




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