'l' Desk

This desk was designed to fit the needs of an avid student in waimanalo. A space where she can study, create and enjoy the views beyond the window.

Material: Stained Oak, Stained Oak Plywood

Dimensions~ W20" x L55"(each L) x H 31"

Completed - December 2019 


3 weeks

The 'L' desk allowed us to make the most of our clients bedroom. The aesthetic of the desk was developed around the wooden boats and the layers of paint often seen through their hulls. 


As the home is located close to the beach, it was important to use joinery and finished that could stand up to the toll salt air can have on furniture.


4 weeks

The trickiest part of this desk fabrication was our goal to make it flat-packed. We knew we would have to later assemble the desk on Oahu and did not want to deal with shipping the larger footprint of an L desk.  

To achieve this we used steel connectors from Festool. They are incredibly strong and require only an allen-key to use, meaning our clients can easily dissasemble this desk and take it with them if they move.



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