Upcountry Cook Pine Barn Door

Our clients had an oversized bathroom door opening into the master Bedroom. with their desire to highlight locally grown wood, we sourced, fabricated, and installed a

cook pine slab barn door to partition the two spaces.

Material - Maui Cook Pine (Norfolk Pine)

Dimensions - 83.5" H x 52" W x 1.75" D 

Completed - August 2020


1 Week

This project started by presenting a few different options for the barn door design. After settling on a slab style door, it was off to one of our local sawyers to find slabs that would be suitable and give us the required width, with minimal waste.


2 weeks

The process of flattening and thicknessing the slabs can be a time consuming one. We joined the slabs and brought the door down to 1.75" thick, being conscious of the maximum weight rating on our hardware. 

For this install, we used Rustica barn door hardware.



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